Irish Times – Cats

Irish Times – Cats

I should start this post with saying this – If you know me personally, you probably know what a crazy cat lady I am. Doesn’t matter what breed, size or colour, as long as it has paws and it meows, I’m sold.

Because of the above, shooting with cats was a really big thing on my little photography bucket list as I’m sure you can imagine. I spoke to the lovely ladies from Reyes De Selva about it for a while and when we felt the time was right we decided to just take the plunge and go for it!

The day of the shoot, Myself and our two gorgeous models Gracie and Rasma nervously awaited the arrival of the furry balls of love and finally, the time came! we welcomed the 4 gorgeous kitties in the studio as we squealed from excitement (in a very girly manner)

The shoot itself was amazing but really challenging! unfortunately as I was about to find out, Cats cared nothing about us getting the photos done. They just want to climb onto models heads! Or sleep. Or both. As demonstrated below!

The final images were published in the October issue of The Irish Times. As you see the kittens were really happy about their fame 😀

Overall the experience was absolutely incredible. We were very lucky to have the whole shoot filmed so you can see the behind the scenes here!



Models: Grace @ 1st Option and Rasma @ Assets
Styling: Carmel Ann Daly
Mua: Roy Wong
Hair: Glen Cullen
Filming: Tomasz Misiewicz
Cats: Reyes De Selva