3 shoots 1 day

As you all probably know, I run a photography YouTube channel.

Recently I’ve been getting more and more requests about a mentoring program of some sort. I had a good long think about it and decided why not do it.


for now I decided to divide it into two sections:


Two hour online editing session:

This mentoring session is designed to guid you through Photoshop as well as lightroom. It is suitable for photographers at any level –  During this session we’ll talk about any queries you might have regarding editing.  Then we’ll work in Photoshop and Lightroom where you’ll see me edit my own images as well as your own if you wish and answer your questions.

Suitable for any Level


Single two hour class   £300

Package of two 2 hour classes  £500




Online Business Consultations:

Basically, any other photography Queries you might have that don’t include Photoshop/Retouching. We can talk about any aspects of your business like building an online presence, advice regarding working in fashion (like how to work with model agencies, how and how much to get paid, how to get published etc.) You can also ask me to critique/give advice on your portfolio.


1 Hour session £100

2 hour session £200

What are you interested in learning about in particular? What dates and times of day suit you most?