Sports Luxe

Sports Luxe

The whole idea started with two photos: One, by Terry Gates shot for French Glamour and the other one, where the author is unfortunately unknown (does anybody know this work? would love to find out the artists name so I can credit them properly)

Firstly, we wanted to shoot a sports luxe editorial for months at this stage. Unfortunately, planning a shoot is not just a matter of having the idea and wanting to go with it – You always have to see what’s in trend clothing – wise, what’s available in the shops and what are editors looking for at a certain time of the year – otherwise the idea no matter how strong, can fall apart in seconds.

What we loved most about those two images were
A. Hair – Plaits always photograph so lovely and are just the right amount of edgy
B. Accessories used – we decided we want them to be the main focus of the shoot instead of the usual clothes.

As we went on further with the idea we wanted we went for using a cat I have been wanting to shoot with for ages – a sphinx, the hairless cat called Prince Charming. There was something just really captivating about him and we thought he would work amazing with he edginess of the theme.

The whole idea really came to life when we came across Caoimhe – Distinct’s new signing at the time. I instantly fell in love with her look and attitude she had when photographed, I love me some angry look! 😛 Once we had the team sorted it was time to shoot.

On the day, Roy was our MUA (you probably figured out by now he’s my favourite? 😉 ) and Glen was our Hairstylist. Clothes and accessories were pulled by the stylist extraordinare Carmel Daly. She went for a lot of chunky, layered accessories and sports tops and shirts.

Working with the kitty was pretty tricky, because as I mentioned before, animals don’t care! Prince liked Caoimhe way too much so he just kept cuddling in her arms and falling asleep. Awwww :)

As always we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed torturing Glen with the kitty (he’s a cat hater, boo for him!) and in general, I dare to say we worked really well as a team 😉

Have a look at the final images and let me know what you think:)


Photography: Anita Sadowska
Model: Caoimhe @ Distinct
Stylist: Carmel Daly @Distinct
Mua: Roy Wong @ Distinct
Hair: Glen Cullen @ Distinct
Special thanks to Sphinx Haven Ireland for letting us use Prince Charming!